The ZOOMcatalog Search Engine & Distribution

Catalog Creation

Turn your print catalogs into beautiful, easy-to-use, online ZOOMcatalogs, the most popular digital catalogs in the promotional products industry. Simply send us your print catalog PDF!

Catalog Distribution

All ZOOMcatalog supplier member catalogs are added to our robust online distribution system that reaches thousands of distributors and end users each week.

Here is how we distribute your catalog!

All ZOOMcatalogs are added to the Promotional Product industry's catalog search engine,, which is accessed by thousands of distributors and end-users every week. All supplier catalogs are fully searchable, located in one place, 24/7, giving everyone easy and instant access to browse, search and share Promotional Product catalogs.

Distributor Custom Catalog Websites

Where can your current digital catalog be found? How about hundreds of distributor websites,
in front of end-users? It can be!

All ZOOMcatalog member catalogs are automatically added to over 600 distributor websites. Many
distributors use the ZOOMcatalog platform to build their own catalog search engine websites for
use as a main website or an addition to an existing website, landing your catalog in front of
thousands of end-users.

The ZOOMcatalog App for Apple & Android

With the ZOOMcatalog SmartPhone app distributors and end-users are now able to browse, search
and share supplier catalogs Virtually Everywhere!

Traditionally, distributors lug catalogs to sales meetings, but not anymore. All supplier catalogs are
automatically added to the ZOOMcatalog app for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.

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