About Us

ZOOMcatalog is the leader in online searchable catalogs and the premier destination for suppliers, distributors and consumers to view and share digital catalog replicas over the Web. The system was developed by suppliers, veteran distributors and experts in computer systems. Additionally, ZOOMcatalog allows suppliers to easily upload and share digital replicas of their catalogs with the entire distributor and consumer community on www.zoomcatalog.com and across the Internet through their websites, blogs, and email.

ZOOMcatalog’s optimized digital searchable catalog web platform features unique benefits such as:

  • Cost reducing catalog distribution capabilities that mimic and enforce the promotional product industry rules to protect distributors and suppliers
  • Optimized search enabling distributors and consumers to quickly find products at lightning speeds
  • Digital replicas of suppliers catalogs, price-point catalogs, flyers and coupons (coupons reside in distributor protected areas) all in one place with one search
  • Affordable digital replica production services and marketing services
  • Optimized catalog search making product information available on the web round the clock, eliminating weeks or months of waiting for print catalogs
  • Online and offline flip-catalog replicas
  • Online catalog replicas work 24 x 7 on the internet promoting and tracking themselves

The entire promotional product community can search and view catalogs on ZOOMcatalog. Distributors and consumers can research products, find products that meet their needs, and discover new and unusual products. As more suppliers produce digital replicas of their catalogs to increase their business and reduce their print and distribution costs, ZOOMcatalog is enabling them to reach a much larger audience.

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