Help Distributors Market Your Products

ZOOMcatalog provides an easy way for distributors to market your products online

What is ZOOMcatalog?

ZOOMcatalog provides promotional product distributors with free online business tools that help them sell more.

Who uses ZOOMcatalog?

Thousands of distributors use our online business tools for free to increase sales of your products. Distributors use our tools to get your products in front of end-users.

How much does it cost?

We offer affordable plans to fit your needs and budget. Contact us for demo and custom quote.

The Industry’s Searchable Library of supplier catalogs

ZOOMcatalog is the #1 resource for supplier catalogs and is used by thousands of distributors daily. Add your catalogs to ZOOMcatalog and make it easy for distributors to find, search, browse and share your products.

The ZOOMcatalog network

Add your catalogs and flyers to ZOOMcatalog and reach our network of distributors, end-buyers and our partners. Not only will your catalogs be available on, but also on thousands of distributor sites and in our custom national buying group tools.

Customizable catalogs and flyers

Give distributors the tools they need to market your products. With ZOOMcustom distributors can quickly and easily add their logo, contact information and more to the catalogs and flyers you design.

Tools for your website

As a ZOOMcatalog supplier we provide you a personalized web portal to link to your website. The portal includes tools for distributors to browse and share your catalogs, customize your catalogs and flyers, download your PDFs and more.

API integration

The ZOOMcatalog API allows you to feed your customizable catalogs and flyers directly into your website. Every time you add, update or delete a catalog or flyer from the ZOOMcatalog dashboard, your website will automatically update. Visitors can customize your content as their own without ever leaving your website.

Training for your team

The ZOOMcatalog supplier tools are not only great for distributors to use but also for your sales team to proactively create customized catalogs and flyers for your customers and prospects. We will host a webinar for your team to show them how easy and powerful the tools are to use!

BETA: Build catalogs and flyers with ZOOMstudio

We are rolling out a brand new service that allows distributors and your sales reps to build their own catalogs and flyers with products of their choice, from your line. The simple drag-and-drop interface, pre-loaded product details and images, and customizable details (pricing, description, colors, etc.) make creating professional marketing materials quick and easy! Contact us for a sneak peek and get on our integration waiting list for 2021!

Advertising Opportunities

We are constantly marketing to our network of distributors through a number of channels including email, social media, trade shows, print and online advertising, educational webinars and more. There are a number of advertising opportunities available for 2021, which are selling out fast. Contact us to learn more.


Access live data on how your catalogs and flyers are performing. Pull contact information for all distributors that customize your catalogs and flyers, see exactly what they make, and monitor how much traffic they generate.

Ready to join?

Click here to set up time for an online demo. We will show you how everything works, with examples of how both distributors and suppliers use the ZOOMcatalog tools.


What suppliers are saying!

ZOOMcatalog recognized an industry pain point and developed a robust service for both suppliers and distributors. The team really knows the market and they continue to evolve their offering to meet the changing needs of the industry, from helping suppliers reduce the number of printed catalogs to offering distributors the flexibility to customize tools for themselves.

- Leanne, Director of Marketing at Polyconcept North America (Leed’s, Bullet, JournalBooks, Trimark)

SanMar considers ZOOMcatalog as a viable element of our Marketing mix. Their prolific tools allow us to further expose our catalogs and brands among distributor web and social media sites.

- Lee, Sr. Marketing Manager at SanMar Corporation

ZOOMcatalog is team driven and full of new innovative, exciting tools and ideas. This team has been a tremendous resource for us in many aspects. They have helped us showcase our products, catalogs and flyers throughout many different channels to promote and increase our marketing touch points with our customers.

- Dawn, eMarketing Manager at Norwood & BIC Graphic North America
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